Eric D. Widmer
@article{DeCarloAebyWidmer2014, abstract = {Stepfamilies highlight the limitations of family research focused on the household. Family that matters goes beyond the household boundaries in those cases. This study is based on a sample of 300 female respondents who have a child aged between 5 ans 13 years, half of which are in a stepfamily structure. The diversity of combinations of significant family contexts is accounted for by nine types of configurations. These types are present both in first-time and in stepfamilies. They go far beyond the household framework and reflect the choices made by the respondents and her family members as well as the socio-demographic constraints which are imposed by the kinship reservoir and the institutionalization of the couples.}, author = {De Carlo, I., Aeby, G., Widmer, E.D.}, journal = {Revue suisse de sociologie}, keywords = {family configurations, stepfamilies, network}, number = {1}, pages = {9-27}, title = {{La variété des configurations familiales après une recomposition : choix et contraintes.}}, volume = {40}, year = {2014} }

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